Industrial Design

From 2010-2013, I worked on my Masters in Industrial Design while I was teaching at the Rochester Institute of Technology as a full time Visiting Professor in the Graphic Design and New Media Design Majors. I studied Industrial design to diversify my approaches and gain new insight into product design as a whole. The following studies explorations & projects are from that period of time.

Power Drill Concept Design

I was tasked with creating a power drill / screw gun design that evoked the styling of an automobile manufacturer. I decided to go with Honda. The dimensions of the internal mechanics were provided, and were based on existing DeWalt cordless Drills.

I looked at the styling, inside and out of newer model Honda cars to help me make my design decisions as I attempted to hone in on their overall visual language. I tried to focus in on a design that provided control for the user, one that reflected the handling of Honda cars themselves, which is one of the main reasons I chose to add a swivel locking handle.

The following represent my sketches, Adobe Illustrator rendered full size orthorgraphics and Solidworks renderings of my solution.

Bikestop / Bike Rack Workstation

The purpose of this project was to examine and redefine the modern workspace. Researching the lifestyles of knowledge workers and students, we decided to explore mobility, the concept of defining personal space and transportation. My teammates were: Igor Sobolevsky, Randall Yarbourough, and Hawraa Maqseed.

The result was a workstation that lived outside, it allows the user to secure their bike, allow it to flank them as they define their space, and gives them a surface to either temporarily place their stuff, or to take part in work on a laptop or mobile device.

The final project was produced out of laser cut steel and wood. The "O" ring shape provides and area to secure one's bike, the surface top allows for a bike seat to fit alongside the work surface. The bike is placed perpendicular to the user, better defining the workspace. The foot rest allows for a more comfortable standing position for the user. The surface tops can be made from a variety of materials as well as having the option of a hook so one can place a purse or bag.

The images below show some of the research conducted with existing workspace solutions as well as some photos of the final full scale prototype.

Inclusive Side Table

Designed in conjunction with the Vignelli Archives, this side table was inspired by Vignelli & Associates “inclusive” Reclining Chair concept created for the Helen Hamlyn Foundation in 1998. In approaching my concept I intended to follow principles of universal design as well as those set by the Vignelli Canon.

The table surface is curved to allow elderly users to easily pick up objects such as pills, a bowl or a remote control. The light weight frame, wheels, and underside grip allow for mobility and easy access.


Thank You Station

Tasked with the concept of creating a poster that provoked someone to act, I decided to make a poster / writing station that provoked people to write and send handwritten letters to those they cared for. I provided everything necessary to ease the friction in writing a hand written note, and would deliver all of the post each evening.