Sketchbooked Illustrations

Sketchbooked as started out as my productive procrastination / "design-a-day" illustration series of facebook and twitter friends' profile photos, and posts. It is now more of a process book of my digital and analog portrait illustrations. The purpose of the site is to explore notions of social media, relationships, and engage with others using my art and design.

This has been an ongoing project of mine that has given me many opportunities for freelance design work, allowed me to reconnect with others, and helped me explore visual media and experiment without reservation.

Gallery Opening

Sketchbooked Gallery Opening

I was asked to display my work at a letterpress studio in downtown Rochester, NY. in March of 2012, I had my first Sketchbooked Gallery Opening. For the event, I displayed 12 pieces, some remixed for the event. All pieces were printed on canvas, coated and gallery mounted on wood frames.

Drummer Boy Print
Dragon Face Print
cthulhu Print
Geoff Brown
Mike Roushey
Gask Mask
Father & Son
Tio Cheo
Drummer Boy
Distorted Self Portrait
Asa Face Outline
Asa Face
Asa Face Vector Paths
Dragon Face
Dragon Face
Dragon Face
Dragon Face

Time Lapse Process

Here are some time-lapse videos of the process of these type of illustrations.