Sketch Cups

I started drawing on coffee cups in the Summer of 2012, and havent really stopped since. The hobby has afforded me many unique oppurtunities, gallery showings, and press. What started as a small habit while drinking coffee, has become my most recognized art form.

Walter White Coffee Cup

I was contacted by the agency Manning Gottlieb in London to design "Breaking Bad" themed Walter White Coffee Cup cross promotion with Department of Coffee for SONY's Blu Ray release of the Breaking Bad box set.

Viral Press for Cups

My cups have been featured on Cool Hunting, Mashable,, The Chive, The DailyDot, Daily Mail, and numerous other online venues. The highlight of my “cup career” was Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., posting my Iron Man Cup (rigged to glow blue with LED lights) on his Facebook page.