Massimo & Lela Vignelli Center for Design Studies

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies is the permanent and comprehensive home for Massimo and Lella Vignelli’s expansive archive of professional career accomplishments. The Center is an educational resource with the primary goals of advocating design excellence at RIT and beyond through innovative programming, supported by extensive archival holdings of design exemplars.

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies is a place for design education, research and critical examination. The key concept in all areas of the Center’s work is the rigorous reflection of Modernism–the discourse of Modernism, which forms a bridge between the history of design and the Vignelli design tradition. The Center’s aims therefore are to conserve, research and extend this cultural heritage and, at the same time, investigate current design issues.

While at RIT, I had a close relationship with the Vignelli Center of Design Studies, and worked with the board. I helped to develop their digital media strategy and designed and built their web presence, and many of the subsidiary sites. I designed and developed the main site for the center, as well as mini sites for some of their recurring events. My solutions were heavily gridded and inspired by methods and practice outlined by Vignelli's Canon.

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Activating the Archive

This site was built to showcase the work of Graduate Students in conjunction with the center, to create object and designs inspired by the work of the Vignellis.

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