imgix Promotional & Social Media Creative

This showcase is a series of various design elements, and collateral produced for imgix from 2013-2016. These include animations, promotions, blog designs, illustrations, and photography. Some of these images have been posted to as free use imagery and garnered millions of views and tens of thousands of downloads.


I maintain a lot of the social media for imgix, including assets for the blog and weekly development changelog. Every week, we include a new image that goes out to promote the changelog on various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and our Slack Channel.

Changelog Image 12/18/2016
Changelog Image 12/12/2015
Changelog Image 12/18/2015
Changelog Image 02/12/2016
Changelog Image 01/08/2016
Changelog Image 11/13/2015
Changelog Image 11/20/2015
Changelog Image 12/04/2015
Changelog Image 12/22/2015
Changelog Image 09/04/2015
Changelog Image 09/11/2015
Changelog Image 10/02/2015
Changelog Image 10/09/2015
Changelog Image 10/16/2015
Changelog Image 11/05/2015
Changelog Image 03/04/2016
twitter feed with changelog images
Twitter feed with changelog images
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Blog Post & Heading
Blog Post & Heading
Blog Post & Heading