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imgix provides highly-specialized infrastructure designed specifically for working with images and other visual media efficiently at scale. This includes basic image manipulation, on-demand resizing, animated gif tools, palette extraction, image statistics, face detection, and basic image analysis.

imgix is a globally distributed, real time image processing platform built in response to a rapidly evolving and increasingly visual Internet.

Within a small startup a Lead Designer wears many hats. At imgix, I have had the opportunity to get my hands dirty on many aspects of the product and own a number of initiatives. The main one of those being the marketing site, I have visually and organizationally revamped the site numerous times as we grow and develop as a company.

I handle much of the CSS/HTML styling, have authored some of the interactive bits and non-supertechnical structure. In the case of our main site, I am a designer who 'pushes to master'..

Enterprise Pricing
Enterprise Pricing Page

As we mature as a company, and test out new initiatives, messaging and content, I work closely with the various levels of the company including sales, marketing, product, and infrastructure to maintain consistency.

The site itself makes heavy use of our product, our front-end libraries, and imgix features like auto content negotiation to help lighten the page weight and improve user experience.

I strive to maintain consistency in our branding colors, the imagery used, and the overall style of the company as being vivid, saturated and rich with a juxtaposition of vector graphics and high detail imagery.

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imgix Homepage API Showcase
imgix Homepage API Showcase
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Home Page

Here is a complete snapshot of the entire homepage. Even though there is a lot of color, content and imagery, we have managed to get the initial page weight load to about 450KB.

Home Page, Full Height
Home Page, Full Height
Home Page, Full Height
Home Page