Figma Examples and Community Files for Education

Making community templates to teach others

I create a number of templates inspired by activities I make in the design classroom. I shared some of those templates as an article shared on the Figma Blog. For more of my templates, you can also visit my Figma Community Profile for additional files.

My Figma Community Profile

Tweeting Process

For the last two years, I have been sharing much of my experimentation with Figma Design on Twitter. I will often test out new features, or share something that I am working on for my students. This is like a public testing ground for ideas, and also serves to pique the interest of other designers and students.

Figma is all about open design, and demonstrating process and design intentionality. There is something about the user interface and cleverness of the tools that makes it genuinely fun to engage and share process. It makes sense to discuss Figma in a public space, sharing experiments like making responsive typography and print.

I like to make parallels with my lecture materials in tweet form. Like with this classic oscilloscope/light pen display next to Figma's vector networks.

I love distilling complex concepts down with a 5 second video tweet. Like demonstrating constraints, grids, and responsiveness.

Classroom Community Files

These were featured examples as part of a blog post done in coordination with Figma's Education team. The goal was to publish a bunch of community files for educators by an educator to demonstrate the different types of activities you can use in the classroom with Figma.

See the Blog Post
Deconstructing Design Artifacts
Employing a responsive Van der Graff Canon Layout
Zine Style Mini Booklet
A template for making printable zines in Figma
Making a Grid System for Presentations
A complete walkthrough of making a grid for presentations with examples
Magazine Mobile Site Prototype
A mobile prototype example I have students perform
Make Loading Animations
A few loading animation examples for breakdowns
Collaborative Illustrations
Student-made illustrations using shared constraints
Design Research Paper
A simple visual research activity
Chat Windows
Reusable components that I now use frequently to facilitate remote discussions
Figma Tangrams
A simple sandbox/activity for getting the hang of the Figma workspace
Make a Heart Activity
A simple make a graphic activity
Student Trading Cards
An activity that I came up with for the first day of class as an student icebreaker
My Figma Community Profile