Ex-Out Digital Activism Handbook & Media Kit

Learning through making a real product

We designed and published a handbook app available via the iOS App Store and Google Play Store that educates about creating effective social media content and a website housing a media kit of open-sourced, virtual assets and other educational resources. The app also features a built-in social media story maker.

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Mobile App Handbook Screens

Research collaboration at RIT

As part of a $150,000 government grant, I worked with colleague Hye Jin Nae and a small team of students to produce an educational system to teach young people about producing design and art to battle hate and violence online. Our project was officially featured on the Product Hunt homepage, awarded a Frank Romano Publishing Entrepreneurship Award, two UCDA Design Awards, a GDUSA award, and shortlisted for a Communication Arts Award.

Mobile App Social Media Story Maker Screens

Industry practice in the educational space

I was responsible for the technical constraints and operations. I designed the App interactions, worked with our developer, managed the app testing, edited content, and developed the website. My colleague and I managed the students to work collaboratively making graphics, content, and a brand identity manual. The project spanned about four semesters and a summers worth of work.

Wire-framing in Figma
Open Brand Style Guide
Illustration Library
Print Materials
Exportable Assets in Figma
Mobile Onboarding Screens
Managing app content collaboratively in with Git and Atom
Team Illustrations
Mobile App Social Media Maker
Testing out colors and text across devices
Grid system for illustrations
Product Hunt Showcase
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